September 2020 Edition

With the unofficial end of summer now upon us, we're excited to share the September edition of the Engineering & Operations Newsletter.

Many organizations expected to make temporary changes in light of COVID-19, but it turns out some supply chain adjustments will become long-term modifications. Find out how to maintain the top line with a diversified supply chain that will help your company thrive now and after the pandemic is behind us. We also ask whether you have the talent for Industry 4.0 in our latest blog post from our experts on the ground.
Read on to learn more about mission-critical roles we're working to fill and read the latest from across the career marketplace. Please feel free to contact us directly to speak live.

-Greg Harper & Sarah Becker

Virtual onboarding-2


Virtual Onboarding
Best Practices

As the world transitions to an increasingly digital environment with more remote workplaces, organizations are faced with the truth that virtual onboarding might be the new normal for some team members. While virtual onboarding can be tricky, it's not impossible.