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August 2021 Issue

As the finance and accounting space continues to stay incredibly active, we're here to share what's new and trending:

The 2021 Mid-Year Finance & Accounting Update is now available! With an unrelenting demand for top talent, there have been a lot of new developments to update you on since we released the Finance & Accounting Offer Report last spring. We want to share this with you here instead of waiting for the next offer report in the fall.

If you missed it, here's the 2021 Spring Finance & Accounting Offer ReportThis comprehensive list of offers we've coordinated in the finance and accounting space provides details on the type of organization extending the offer, industry segment, location, title, base salary, annual bonus, total cash, equity and whether the individual accepted or declined the offer. We hope you'll find this a valuable resource for your career or hiring needs.

Want to learn more about any of our current featured opportunities? Please reach out to the Charles Aris team member listed on the search below. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you find A-level talent for similar roles, I'm glad to schedule a call to discuss more.

Until next time,
Jim Etling
SVP  Finance & Accounting Practice