May 2018

Spring has sprung here at Charles Aris and we're excited to share the latest news we're hearing around the industrial marketplace. Here’s the latest from our executive recruiting team, as well as information on the mission-critical roles we’re urgently working to fill:

View our 2018 Industrial Sales & Marketing Offer Report
Over the past decade, the Charles Aris team has conducted 449 searches for industrial talent – 97 of which were in the sales and marketing function. This report includes a sampling of offers to candidates for roles in Charles Aris client organizations over the past five years, along with the corresponding offer results. For each offer, we've included three components: title, base salary and annual bonus. Also included: the type of entity extending the offer, as well as the annual revenue and U.S. location of the client organization.

NYT: Lessons From Rust-Belt Cities That Kept Their Sheen
A recent study conducted by The Brookings Institution investigated 185 historically industrial counties in the United States in which at least 20 percent of jobs there were in manufacturing in 1970. With increasing interest in local, state and national policies to revive the fortunes of struggling communities, older industrial cities represent promising regions for strategic investment in the near future.

We look forward to connecting with you!
Below you will find news and opportunities for each of the industrial opportunities we're looking to fill, as well as the contact information for the Charles Aris team member leading each search. Please feel free to contact anyone on our team to learn more. Feel free to share this email with friends or colleagues who might have an interest.

We're excited to work with you!