July 2018


I hope this newsletter finds you doing well! Though we're in the midst of vacation season, that doesn't mean the talent marketplace has stalled. Here's the latest news we're seeing across the marketplace, as well as the mission-critical roles we're urgently working to fill:

Pay equity laws sweep the United States: More than 10 locations have introduced pay equity and salary inquiry laws in states and U.S. territories, significantly impacting the recruiting industry and hiring function. Massachusetts, San Francisco and Westchester County, New York, are the latest locations to introduce pay equity laws which you should be aware of in your role as a hiring authority, a candidate and / or a recruiter.

Below you will find news and opportunities for each of the industrial opportunities we're looking to fill, as well as the contact information for the Charles Aris team member leading each search. Please feel free to contact anyone on our team to learn more, or to share this email with friends or colleagues who might have an interest.

We look forward to connecting with you!