September 2019 Issue

Whether you're a member of a PE-backed firm or a portfolio leader, we hope you've enjoyed a strong third quarter. Here's the latest we're seeing across the world of private equity and the opportunities we're working on within the space.

Buy & Build philosophy: More and more young companies find themselves looking to raise funds even when the balance sheet is strong. Instead of spending raised capital on organic growth, numerous VC backed companies are taking pages out of the corporate playbook, deploying a buy-and-build strategy to supplement their own growth.

Pre-emptive transformation: We found that pre-emptive change generates significantly higher long-term value than reactive change, and it typically does so faster and more reliably. Own the change in your organization by learning more from our friends at the Boston Consulting Group.

We're working on career-transforming roles and want to hear from you! Below you’ll find a selection of roles we’re working on and the contact information for the Charles Aris team member leading that search. If you're interested in an opportunity, please reach out to anyone on the team to discuss the role in greater detail. If it isn't quite right for you but a colleague or friend would be interested, feel free to forward them this email.

- The Charles Aris PE Team