August 2021 Issue

We hope you're having a successful and prosperous Q3! The Charles Aris Sales & Marketing practice has observed many new trends since we last reached out – and we're excited to get you up to speed on the latest in the sales and marketing space.

We've developed the Industrial Market Update as new shifts in the market arise. We're in the most competitive talent market we’ve seen, with candidates having several opportunities while hiring authorities struggle to fill numerous mission-critical roles. As an executive search firm, we have a unique perspective of the market with insight to both client challenges and candidate demands that we'd like to share with you.

Our 2021 Spring Sales & Marketing Offer Report is more relevant than ever, especially given the new perspectives in our Industrial Market Update. By cross-referencing these two documents, we hope you find this as both a good way to develop your own understanding of the evolving market and a valuable resource for your career and hiring needs.

If you're interested in learning more about one of our featured opportunities, please reach out to the Charles Aris team member listed on the search below. We're here to find the best A-level talent for your organization and help your career flourish.

Until next time,
The Charles Aris Sales & Marketing Team