July 2019 - Volume 12,
Issue 7

I hope this message finds you doing well and that your summer is off to a great start!

Here's the latest news from what we're seeing in the Strategy & Corporate Development marketplace, followed by the open positions we're aggressively looking to fill:

  • 2019 Mid-Year Offer Report to be released next month: In our next newsletter, we’ll include our 2019 Mid-Year Offer Report. This report summarizes most of the offers we've seen over the past six months as a search firm, by candidate graduation year, and includes offers which were accepted as well as those which were declined. This report serves as a helpful benchmarking tool when looking at career opportunities for yourself or recruiting strategy talent to your team. (You can review last year’s Mid-Year Offer Report here.)

  • Introducing the Charles Aris Sales & Marketing Mix newsletter: From another of our key practice areas, Sales & Marketing, comes a new newsletter, the Charles Aris Sales & Marketing Mix. The goal of this bimonthly newsletter is to share the latest trends, analysis and opportunities across the sales, marketing and business development functions while covering an array of industries including manufacturing, consumer and retail, and food and beverage. If you are interested in receiving the latest updates, insights and opportunities from our team, subscribe today.

  • Engineering & Operations Newsletter coming soon: Another of our key practice areas, Engineering and Operations, will celebrate the launch of a new communication when the Charles Aris Engineering & Operations Newsletter debuts next month. If you're interested in receiving the latest insights, updates and job opportunities straight to your inbox, follow this link to learn more and subscribe.

We're working on great opportunities and we want to hear from you! Below you’ll find a brief summary of each opportunity that we’re working on, as well as the contact information for the Charles Aris team member spearheading the search. Please reach out to anyone on our team, or to me directly, to discuss these opportunities in greater detail – or feel free to forward this email along to friends and colleagues who may have an interest in learning more.