September 2018 - Volume 10, Issue 10

I hope this message finds you doing well and that you’re preparing for a labor-less Labor Day!

Here's the latest news from what we're seeing in the Strategy & Corporate Development marketplace, followed by the open positions we're actively working to fill:

We need your help for the 2019 Strategy Compensation Study! Every January, as many of you know, Charles Aris releases the most comprehensive strategy compensation study in the industry. In light of new and expanding pay-equity laws across the United States, Charles Aris is limited in asking candidates about their compensation history. So we’ve created a survey to gather the data anonymously. This survey should take no more than three minutes to complete and is 100 percent anonymous. We need participation from each and every one of you, as every data point counts. By completing this survey, you’re helping us continue to provide you with the best compensation data in the world of strategy!

Please click here to complete the surveyWe're working on great opportunities and we want to hear from you! Below you will find a brief summary of each opportunity that we’re working on, as well as the contact information for the Charles Aris team member who is spearheading the search. Please reach out to anyone on my team, or to me directly, to discuss these opportunities in greater detail – or feel free to forward this email along to friends and colleagues who might have an interest in learning more.