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Q&A with recruiting intern
Brooklyn Mounce

Recruiting intern Brooklyn Mounce has learned a lot about maintaining a work-life balance. Learn more about her internship experience.

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Best practices for wrapping up a successful internship

There are many important steps to take when concluding an internship that ensure you are getting useful takeaways. 

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Set goals before landing an internship

Before you begin searching for an internship, it's important to know what you are looking for so you can make the most of your experience.

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Q&A with Kassidy: Sharpening research skills

Research intern Kassidy Hof-Mahoney utilizes her experience from past positions to hone her skills in recruiting-based research. 

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Tips on relocating for an internship 

Your internship may have you move to a city you have never been to before. Learn tips for starting an internship in a new place.

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Internship spotlight: Develop your personal brand

Creating an online profile that showcases your skills and talents will help you build connections and benefit your career.

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