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October 2021 Issue

As we head into the final months of the year, the finance and accounting team is staying up to date with what's trending so you can stay informed. With demand for top finance and accounting talent still high, it has never been more important to stay on top of the latest in the space, and one way to do that is with our 2021 Fall Finance & Accounting Offer Report.

You're now able to download and view our 2021 Fall Finance & Accounting Offer Report. This report provides details on various aspects of offers including the type of organization, industry segment, base salary, title, equity, whether the individual accepted or declined and more. We're confident you'll find this to be a valuable resource in your job hunt or talent search.

Are you looking for an opportunity in finance and accounting? Continue reading through this newsletter to browse the positions we're currently looking to fill. Feel free to reach out to the Charles Aris team member listed on each search. If you're interested in learning more about how we can assist you in filling similar roles, I'm glad to schedule a call to discuss further.

Until next time,
Jim Etling
SVP – Finance & Accounting Practice